Envy Women Vanesa Eau De Parfum 60 ml

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Envy Vanesa Eau De Parfum


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About the Brand

Vanesa Care Private Limited Group is one of the leading manufacturer of aerosol deodorants in India and manufactures product in various categories like OTC, Pharma, Deodorants, Perfumes, Toiletries and home care division. Conforming with international standards, the company is known for its deodorants and fragrances that cater to the style and taste of Indian consumers and are manufactured under known brand names like Denver (for men), Envy 1000 (for men and women) and Vanesa (for women).

Collection Name

VanesaVanesa offers a wide range of deodorants and perfumes, which are specially designed for all giving them an exotic experience. Envy Women Perfume releases a refreshing blend of best perfumes that are crafted with perfection replenishing you energetically.




Lightly spray over neck and wrist

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Minimum Shelf Life in Months


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60 ml

Special Features

It drives away the foul body odorKeeps you fresh and cleanIt is long-lastingThis aromatic flavor leaves you fresh and vibrant all dayIt protects you from the odor causing germs





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3 reviews for Envy Women Vanesa Eau De Parfum 60 ml

  1. ChamiSwaroop

    This is the second one I bought 😋…I really loved it’s smell ….It has a lovely subtle fragrance that spark the senses and keeps me fresh all day long…The best part about the perfume is its fragrance that reflects freshness and spontaneity….👍

  2. Neha

    Amazing perfume

  3. Poonam Joshi

    I am very fond of perfumes and keep on trying new ones every now and then. Although this one is quite affordable in terms of money, it has amazing smell! At first, when I tried it, I felt I wasted money but, after 15-20 minutes, I realized it has an amazing smell. I don’t know why it smelled bad at first. Now, I use it daily and highly recommend it to the people who love classy perfumes.

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