Envy Men Vanesa Eau De Parfum 30 ml

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Envy Vanesa Eau De Parfum


3 reviews for Envy Men Vanesa Eau De Parfum 30 ml

  1. Sabih

    Wow. Amazing Smell.
    30 ml. (Will last a while since its no gas)
    No Gas. (Natural Spray)
    3 year expiry date. ( I will probably end it within a month since i like it very much).
    I am ditching my deodorant for this Eau de Parfum. (Atleast for winter)
    Its not deodorant so it shouldn’t be expected to last for a day.
    Best for Party and Functions.

  2. Anirban Dhar

    Amazing packaging , loved the idea of the style of wrapping up the item , creating a kind of curiosity to the user of whats inside.But the message sticker on the card was stuck a little not correctly but apart from that I loved the way it was made to look like a pretty gift for the receiver.
    PS: This review is for adding the gift wrap option as the product I know is good as always .

  3. Aj

    Pretty common musky fragrance.
    I don’t really understand notes and can’t even differentiate between notes.
    So yeah. Can’t really explain on that.
    Not that strong, won’t cause headache.
    Definitely didn’t smell chemically.
    It stays long enough, like close to 5hrs.
    Definitely worth every penny!

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