MCaffeine Naked & Raw Tan Removal Coffee Body Scrub 100 g

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Naked & Raw Tan Removal Coffee Body Scrub

Give your skin the gift of mCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Body Scrub – a scrub crafted from Pure Arabica Coffee and Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. With the everyday hustle, your skin looks dull, feels suffocated by the pollution and dirt, and becomes rough. mCaffeine Coffee Body Scrub exfoliates dead skin cells and helps get rid of blackheads, tan and impurities. It polishes the skin and deep cleanses your pores so that your skin is smooth, glowing and breathes free. The perfectly sized raw coffee particles are very effective yet gentle on your skin. Unlike other body scrubs, this scrub doesn’t dry out the skin and helps retain the moisture to keep your skin hydrated and nourished. It targets not only the most exposed areas of the body but also those hidden problem areas where the skin is easily darkened and becomes rough. Made for both, Men & Women. Pure Arabica Coffee polishes the skin, regulates blood flow to improve collagen production for a youthful, glowing skin. What’s more? It fights that stubborn cellulite and fatty cells. Coconut deep cleanses and hydrates for a soft, glowing skin. It reduces stretch marks and gives an overall nourishing touch. The caffeine present in coffee is a rich source of antioxidants that prevent premature aging, even tone the skin and reduce puffiness. Did we tell you about the enticing coffee aroma that instantly awakens you from within?


5 reviews for MCaffeine Naked & Raw Tan Removal Coffee Body Scrub 100 g

  1. Sejal Jain

    Hello @MCaffeine your products are an amazing,I would like to tell u about the body scrub it has the authentic coffee essence plus after applying it,my skin becomes soft nd glowing….Best Body Scrub,I hv ever use what we want in perfect body scrub…(1) Moisture (2)Smell (3) Reduce tan (4) Improve Skin Elasticity (5)Nature Glow…..All in it…I really love this body scrub bcz it’s work really nice nd packaging is good and tine wooden spoon is very cute I love this body scrub without any doubt…

  2. AriaZosia

    I got two of these and for that got a free Gift from MCaffeine, their choco body butter. The scrub is soooooo nice and filled up to the neck. Quantity is very very good. I’m so happy that I ordered two. Exactly feels like coffee and smells like coffee so much that someone can mistake it for a edible coffee. I just loved it. Thank You for this Myntra.

  3. Swetha J

    I love this scrub, it smells heavenly (for someone that’s me, who doesn’t drink coffee πŸ˜…)and It leaves your skin feeling super soft and clean for 3-5hr. I use it once a week, It should actually be used as the last step of bathing like after you take a proper bath using soap or bodywash(which I prefer) and not instead (hope u don’t get confused). I gave it a four stars bcuz I don’t think it removes tan and cellulite which it claims to do so, but I should tell u that I have only used half the product and Its my first time using it, so I can’t really be a judge of that. And it’s a bit pricey but it’s worth it for me😁…

  4. e2re

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  5. e2re

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